The Irish aristocrat Richard Hennessy, who served in the French military in 1765, founded the eaux de vie company in Cognac. The company is owned by his son James, under whose leadership it has rapidly expanded, forever linking the names of Hennessy and cognac.

Today, Hennessy is an indisputable leader when it comes to cognac, selling 50 million of bottles worldwide. Their V.S., V.S.O.P., Paradis and Richard are lines in a range of products which are simultaneously the benchmark for worldwide excellence, as well as icons of refinement and luxury.

The excellence of the products is inspired by an astonishing variety of ways to enjoy the traditional sip of cognac served on ice, with soda water or as part of a cocktail. As it is made from grapes, cognac goes well with fruit, spices and other liquors, providing an ideal base for delicious cocktails.

Jas Hennessy & Co.

1 rue de la Richonne BP 20

16101 Cognac



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