Weingut Gross

The Gross winery is located on Ratscher Nussberg, one of the most famous sites in South Styria. The Gross family has been making wines since 1907, on the steep slopes that require manual harvesting and leave little room for mechanization. The vineyard is exposed to fresh air masses from the Alps and to warm Mediterranean ones from the Adriatic. The significant day to night temperature variations allow the extract to be developed evenly, and the fresh, fruity acids to be preserved.

The assortment includes Pinot Blanc, Muscat Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Furmint. In an effort to preserve the features of the terroir in the wine, all the vineyards, even the smallest ones, are vinified separately. Great attention is paid to the longevity of the wine. All the wines of this winery can be aged, with a minimum of five years. The Gross winery is very well-known in the region and often gets awards.

Winery Gross

Weinstrasse 26

8461 Ratsch a. d.