Valenta Family Wines is one of the new wineries in Istria, but regardless of that, it has already won numerous awards. The winery is run by Valter Valenta and his sons, Stiven and Ivica, who decided to take the tradition of winemaking for family purposes to the next level, turning it into a modern family winery. 

They currently own 5 ha (12 acres) of vineyards located in the vicinity of Kaldir, and are especially proud of the large vineyard on the Šubijent Hill (which was called Paradiso or Heaven by the older generations, because of the exceptional results achieved by the Malvazija and Teran varieties). In addition to these varieties, the family also grows Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat Blanc, which have recently become available on the market.

Vinarija Valenta

Kaldir 9a

52424 Kaldir, Motovun