Galliano is all that is great about Italy. A love of authentic craftsmanship combined with flair and imagination. A belief in doing things the right way, never cutting corners. Respect for heritage and tradition, but also embracing the future with open arms. A vivacity, a smile – ‘un sorriso’ – and a love of life, Galliano is ‘Spirito Italiano’.

Vaccari named his creation after Giuseppe Galliano “Maggiore Galliano”, an Italian Hero. “Over Christmas 1895, during the 1887 - 1896 Italian campaign in Abyssinia he spent 44 days holding the Fort of Enda Jesus against an Abyssinian force of some 80,000 troops. He had a force of 2000 hardy soldiers, meaning he was outnumbered by 40 to 1. Some feat. For his efforts he received an immediate promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, a silver medal from the King and the enduring legacy of having his name on what is a quintessential Italian liqueur.

Like all proper heroes he died in battle shortly afterwards and consigned himself to the history books. At the height of Sig. Galliano's fame, the son of a successful wine and spirits merchant was working to create his own legacy in the west Italian town of Livorno. Noticing a gap in the market for honoring fallen heroes, Arturo Vaccari set about making a new liqueur at his own distillery, in 1896. He was intent on creating a liqueur with a flavor all of its own and legend has it that his recipe was based on a homemade liqueur that Galliano always carried into battle.

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