Scapegrace & Fever-Tree Gift set

New Zeland

Price: 39,05 43,37 €

Price: 55,79 €/L

Scapegrace Classic 0.7l + 2x Fever-Tree Indian tonic 0.5l


Scapegrace Classic and Fever-Tree Indian tonic together make a perfect mix. Put 3 ice cubes in a glass, add 50ml of Scapegrace Classic gin, pour over Fever-Tree Indian tonic, stir and enjoy your cocktail. If you happen to have elderflower syrup add 2ml to get a rounded floral scent.

Scapegrace Classic gin - A very successful New Zealand distillery that has won two world golds and two world silvers so far for its Gin Classic (San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition and London International Wine & Spirits Competition). In a replica of an old ‘Geneva’ bottle used two centuries ago for tinctures and in pharmacies, there is a gin spiced with twelve spices (orange peel, lemon, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg, juniper, cloves, angelica, licorice, iris, cinnamon and cassia, i.e. East Asian cinnamon), which are not grown outside their home country but imported from the country of origin. The distillate is softened with 80-year-old water from the natural spring in possession of the distillery. Different and unique.

Fever-Tree Indian tonic - Fever-Tree is at the very top of the global tonic production. This British company wasn’t happy with the supply on the market and decided to make a milestone in tonics. All the ingredients are natural, exceptionally pure, without artificial sweeteners and colorants, while the quinine used comes only from the Congo border. They tried to make a tonic that would not impair the quality of the gin in which it is mixed. They have won numerous gold awards all over the world