Puhelek Kraljica Sparkling wine

Continental Croatia, Croatia

Price: 17,82 134,26 kn

Price: 23,76 €/L (3,15 kn/L)

  • I had the opportunity to drink this wine with a turkey with mlinci and I sincerely recommend the combination, it will surely remain in your memory. But the absolute hit, when the barbecue season comes, is to drink this champagne on a warm sunny day, well-chilled with grilled meats and vegetables.

  • 8 °C

More than once in the top among local sparkling wine, and several times the winner, the sparkling wine Kraljica, of Puhelek Winery confirms the leading position in this wine discipline, but also the absolute favorite of Zelina vineyards. A lot of wine lovers have heard about Zelina exactly because of this sparkling wine, it is also an ambassador. Famous for its name, made of wine variety kraljevna, sparkling wine combines the best of fresh and aged sparkling wines with a moderate body. The freshness of the young apples and citrus is complemented by the aromas of ripe yellow fruits, prunes and bony fruits, all set against the backdrop of yeast aromas.

Fixed conversion rate: 1 EUR = 7.53450 kn