Moreno Degrassi used to run his own restaurant, making his own wine for many years. It didn’t take him long to turn his hobby into a profession. He started with a small piece of land in the northwest of Istria.

In the mid-90s, he started his first season of bottled wines with a separate label. To date, the Degrassi wine labels have grown in number, but also in quality.

The vineyards cover 25 ha (62 acres) on the hills between Buje and Brtonigla. The vineyards lie on white and red soil rich in minerals, which is also reflected in the wines.

Even though 15 years is not a long tradition in global terms, the Degrassi winery is certainly one of the most experienced wineries on the Croatian wine scene. This is proven by numerous awards won in Croatia and beyond.

Vinarija Degrassi

Bašanija bb

52475 Savudrija