The winery was founded in 1995 by Andro Tomić, who had faith that Hvar’s indigenous varieties, exceptionally favorable climate and vineyard sites can bring winemaking back to its former glory. His main goal was to produce premium wines and bring back the culture of drinking wine.

The winery itself is located in the Mina Bay in Jelsa and has twelve employees. The annual production is around 130,000 - 150,000 bottles.

The dominant red variety is Plavac mali, while Pošip and Bogdanuša make up most of the white varieties. Special attention is given to the production of prošek, the original Dalmatian dessert wine made from selected and dried grapes of the best domestic varieties.

A distinctive feature of the winery is certainly the wine cellar intended for tastings, which was built and arranged to emulate the Roman dining rooms, i.e., triclinia.

Bastijana d.o.o.

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