Valdemar Las Seis Alhajas Graciano

Rioja, Spain

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  • This wine pairs well with all types of meat, especially stews, roast meats and game. It is also a great match with dry and semi-dry cheeses.

  • 18 °C

Las Seis Alhajas or "Six Jewels" is a 1.4-hectare vineyard located in Oyón. Back in 1991, six different Graciano clones were planted, in an attempt to avoid this grape’s extinction. Due to its  clay-limestone soils, slight slope of the vineyard which permits rainfall to properly drain and exposure to the fresh Sierra Cantabria breezesthe most appropriate placefor growing of this variety was selected.

Deep, intense red cherry colour. A vibrant and dashingly expressivemouthfeel with an intense and powerful finish, showing the variety’s character, full of aromas of blueberry and black currant, mixed with notes of clove, cocoa and vanilla. The wine aged for 29 months in new American oak barrels. If possible, decant or let breathe for about thirty minutes before drinking.