Scapegrace Gin Gold

New Zeland

Price: 319,50 kn
  • This is the so-called “navy strength” gin, taken neat by connoisseurs and gin lovers. It is usually said that once navy strength gin is tried neat, it is impossible to mix it in cocktails. For those who are not used to taking gin neat, we recommend Fever Tree tonics. Do not mix this gin with bad, ready-made tonics.

Scapegrace Gin Gold has won three world golds (San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition and London International Wine & Spirits Competition). Besides the classic twelve spices (orange peel, lemon, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg, juniper, cloves, angelica, licorice, iris, cinnamon and cassia, i.e. East Asian cinnamon), which are not grown outside their home country but are imported from the country of origin, and are deemed “12 Natural Apostles” by the distillers as a term of endearment, this gin has a special thirteenth spice, a tangerine peel that makes the difference between Classic and Gold. The distillate is softened with 80-year-old water from the natural spring in possession of the distillery.