Del Professore Bitter


Price: 183,50 kn

Bitter Del Professore's fine flavor is a matter of treating its ingredients with the utmost care. A fresh bitter orange zest infusion, hand-cleaned wild gentian, the pink core of sweet rhubarb from the Lanzo and Soana valleys: these are just a few examples.

An exclusive recipe and fine craft work make from a one-of-a-kind spirit boasting a totally natural ruby red hue and juniper, cinnamon and other spice aromas. The palate discloses citrus, cascarilla, rhubarb and gentian flavors.

Main botanicals: orange, gentian, juniperm rhubarb, cinnamon and cascarilla.

Cocktail suggestion: Garibaldi

4cl Del Professore Bitter, 15cl fresh orange juice

Serve in an ice filled Collins glass and garnish with a slice of orange.