Del Professore Gin The Fighting Bear

Piemonte, Italy

Price: 232,50 kn 30,86 €

Price: 332,14 kn/L (44,08 €/L)


    60 ml The Fighting Bear London Dry Gin
    15 ml Dry Vermouth
    7,5 ml Mint Liquor
    2 dashes lemon Bitter
    Mint leaves as garnish

    Stir and strain, serve and garnish with mint leaves.

The Fighting Bear is an fragrant, round and soft London dry gin.
It is produced in a magnificent small pot still of 200 liters, carter head method. Only and exclusively with juniper from the Umbrian-Tuscan Apennines, to be added fragrant Roman chamomile, bitter orange peel, angelica root and other spices, left to mature slowly of course, without haste. The entire distillation process takes place in a current of steam, to ensure maximum extraction and qualitative yield from botanicals. The result is an elegant gin with persistant notes of juniper and hints of bitter orange and Roman chamomile. The taste is dry, marked with herbaceous and balsamic notes.

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