Teaming with wildlife, the vineyards of the Šember family lie on the slopes of Mount Plešivica.

Three generations of the Šember family actively take care of the family holding in Donji Pavlovčani.

They own a total of 6 ha (15 acres) of vineyards with their own plantings, which spread over the hilly terrains of the Plešivica-Okić wine region. Pavel, Bresnica, Vučjak, Starjak, and Mladina are the names of vineyards with south-southwest orientation, while the age of the vineyards varies from 10 to 90 years.

Wooden French oak barrels of 1500-3000 liters are used to produce chardonnay and Rhine riesling, while pinot noir is produced in 500-liter barrels. The winery also makes sparkling wine (classic bottle fermentation)

which is aged on yeasts for at least two years. In 2011, they produced their first amphorae wine - the Rhine riesling from qvevri, using the unique Georgian traditional winemaking method.

Poljoprivredno gospodarstvo Šember

Donji Pavlovčani 11b,

10 450 Jastrebarsko