Toro, Spain

Price: 46,50

Price: 62,00 €/L

  • For special occasions and a festive, richer cuisine. Smoked meats, Moroccan lamb dishes, etc. They wine can be enjoyed on its own.

  • 16-19 °C

Exclusively hand-picked grapes from the Toro and Valdefinjas region, with a careful selection of grape clusters. The vineyards are located at an altitude of 700 meters and consist of 70-100 year old vines. It is entirely made of Tinto de Toro, which is roughly translated as "red from the Toro region", when in fact it is a tempranillo, or more specifically one of its synonyms. Lighter color as a combination of red and ruby. It is rich in darker fruits, especially black currant and blueberries. The French oak is perceived in the mouth as sweet spices and cloves, but what captivates it the oak dimension experienced as a cedar tree and the liquorice aroma. One can almost bite into the tannins as if they were a steak, while the tertiary aromas are reminiscent of tobacco and balsamic vinegar. A wine of exceptional texture.