Bols Crème de Banana


Price: 100,50 kn

Bols Banana is one of the world’s best-selling banana liqueurs and has the color of real sun-ripened bananas. Its flavor is that of bananas enhanced by a touch of soft vanilla and a hint of almonds. Bols Banana uses a distillate of smashes bananas in order to achieve the best banana taste. One of the world’s top selling banana liqueurs, Bol Banana has been the only real choice for professional bartenders, especially when making tropical drinks.

Banana Colada:
Ingredients: 30ml Bols Banana, 10ml Bols Coconut, 60ml Bootz white rum, 90ml pineapple juice, 25ml coconut cream, half of a banana
Blend all ingredients with crushed ice. Pour in a Collins glass.