Bols Genever


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Bols Genever returned to the market after many years in 2008, and is based on the original Bolshevik recipe for Genever from 1820, which was a basic ingredient in many classic cocktails, such as the original Collins.

It is the result of the knowledge acquired over the centuries by the Lucas Bols distillery, the world's oldest brand of distilled spirits, which has been making liqueurs and generics in Amsterdam since 1575.

The expertise of Lucas Bols Master Distiller is demonstrated in malt wine, the basis of every genever, perfectly balanced with exotic herbal ingredients. The taste of Bols Genever is sweet, fresh and like malt whiskey, but smoother, and with great potential in cocktails.

Genever is a special protected category of beverage, such as champagne or cognac, and can only be named as such if it is produced in the Netherlands or in several districts in Belgium. Genever is the forerunner of gin. The name Dutch gin can be found in some places.

Red Light Negroni
Ingredients: 30ml Bols Genever, 30ml Del Professore Vermouth Classic, 30ml Del Professore Bitter
Pour all the ingredients with ice into a mixing glass and stir with a spoon, pour into a Rocks glass with a large ice cube.

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