The first preserved record of the Batič viticulture dates to 1592. Due to constant changes of government in the area of the Vipava Valley, from the command of old Austria, Italy, Yugoslavia, Slovenia to Europe, most of the events regarding the Batič viticulture are wrapped in a veil of mysticism.

The present state of the Batič estate was largely determined by a peasant woman named Bernardina, born in 1891, who was one of the most beautiful girls in the village, and came from a very poor family. A love story brought her together with Alojz, the son of a wealthier family. Their love, however, was forbidden because of class differences. Nevertheless, Bernardina and Alojz kept meeting in secret until Bernardina became pregnant and gave birth to their daughter Alojzija. She too, like her mother, grew up to be a beautiful girl, and fell in love with Leopold Batič, the son of the wealthiest estate in the village. This time destiny was kind - Alojzija and Leopold got married and had five children. Alojzija’s positive outlook on life delighted and awoke the family and the villagers. Her son Ivan has followed in her footsteps to this day, producing natural and pure wines.

Vinarija Batič

Šempas 130

5261 Šempas