Herve Kerlann Gevrey-Chambertin 1er cru 'Goulots'

Burgundy, France

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  • The French know two ways of pairing wines with a rich cuisine. One is according to the body of the wine, as it is also common in our part of the world, and the other is the much less commonly used pairing according to complexity. A lighter-bodied wine can accompany a rich dish if it is complex enough. It is recommended with red meat, such as veal in white sauce, or soft goat cheese.

  • 14-16 °C

Herve Kerlann Premier Cru Les Goulots is a wine that delights on all levels. True synesthesia - it's beautiful in color, scent and taste. It will satisfy your senses and your knowledge of wines. Perhaps the most interesting detail is that the wine was made using the same methods, in terms of vinification, as other wine ranges from this winery. In other words, the only difference is the site, i.e. planting or "climat". Terroir is the main focus of interest in this case - if we assume that everything else was performed equally, then the only difference is the terroir. The site, which is located in the valley of the former quarry, is naturally irrigated by rainwater. It very clearly shows the quality of the year, and 2015 was very good.