Edi Simčič Duet Lex

Goriška Brda, Slovenia

Price: 300,50 kn
  • Skewered lamb, grilled red meat.

  • 16-18 °C

Worldwide famous Bordeaux cuvée from selected vineyards of Edi Simčič, with an uncompromising selection of grape clusters. For the most part, the cuvée stands on the shoulders of merlot which is only slightly enriched by the two cabernets - franc and sauvignon. It is immediately clear that their purpose is to add tannins, the aromas of black wild berries and a slightly more herbal and minty character. Only new barrels are used for the entire batch of this wine, but it is aged for a long time before being placed on the market, so in the end the bottle in front of you has almost no oak aroma. Black currant, ripe wild plums, fine tobacco, licorice and accentuated sweet spices. It is predicted that the aging potential of this wine is 15 years.