Kraljevski vinogradi Crljenak

Dalmatia, Croatia

Price: 108,00 kn
  • Given the somewhat softer tannins and medium red fruit aromas, crljenak can accompany spicy grilled dishes. It also goes well with Asian red meat dishes, unless they are too spicy.

  • 16-18 °C

The potential of crljenak kaštelanski (zinfandel) in our country is not yet as developed as it should be. Each producer committed to promoting this esteemed variety is very important and praiseworthy. After it was established beyond any doubt that the famous Californian zinfandel was actually the same variety as the Croatian crljenak kaštelanski, its fame far outweighed the quantity available on our market. Crljenak kaštelanski is one of the parents to plavac mali, and although there are some aromatic similarities , there are also differences that leave enough space for this world famous variety. Crljenak, on average, has slightly softer tannins and somewhat lighter fruity aromas. Unlike the plavac's distinctive prunes, crljenak is more reminiscent of blackberries and blueberries.