Tement Sauvignon Blanc

South Styria, Austria

Price: 15,59 117,46 kn

Price: 20,79 €/L (2,76 kn/L)

  • A sauvignon without intense herbal aromatics that can be combined with delicate white fish, e.g. fried sole fish, boiled red mullet, grilled redfish, etc.

  • 12 °C

The term “fresh Sauvignon” in the world of wine does not mean the same in Chile, Austria and New Zealand. Tement Sauvignon blanc is a fresh Austrian sauvignon. It will never neglect its mineral, terroir expression. It will be only slightly more fruity than its Grand Cru editions, but still pleasantly mineral. At first, pepper and flint are perceived on the nose. After smelling this wine for some time, scents of chalk and grapefruit are perceived. It is quite salty in the mouth, even on the tongue, not just on the teeth. A blend of softness and freshness. Intended for aging.

Fixed conversion rate: 1 EUR = 7.53450 kn