Benvenuti Malvazija San Salvatore

Istria and Primorje, Croatia

Price: 35,70 268,98 kn

Price: 95,20 €/L (12,64 kn/L)

  • Winery: Benvenuti
  • Year: 2018.
  • Alcohol: 13,5%
  • Volume: 0,375L
  • If you have the chance, try this wine with the French Mimolette cheese. We think it would be an unforgettable experience. You can also have it with Pavlova cake or a nice cheesecake.

  • 12 °C

Unlike the Corona Grande, San Salvatore is a sweet wine made only from Istrian malvasia. It is obtained by using the method of drying grapes partly on the vine and partly on straw. This wine is sort of a bible for all lovers of sweet wines, as well as for lovers of wine in general. It won the international trophy at IWC, and it is at the top among local sweet wines. It comes from an altitude of 400 m, and even after 12 months in an oak barrel it still retains freshness and high acidity. Long lifespan is predicted.

Fixed conversion rate: 1 EUR = 7.53450 kn